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Jane's Journey
“The depth of storytelling at this year’s festival is phenomenal — the audience is in for quite a ride,” Justin Clifton, 5Point executive director, said. “From the desert floor of the Grand Canyon to the heights of Saser Kangri II to the remote waters in the heart of Africa to the untold stories of human passion, 5Point is offering up an amazing collection of films in 2012.”
With the festival just a few weeks away, we’re revving up for an incredible event.…
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By Nick Cunkelman
Listen to climber-filmer-artist extraordinaire Renan Ozturk talk about what he’ll be showing at 5Point this year and you get the sense that there’s much more to climbing for this Boulder, CO resident than just, well, climbing. In speaking of his ascent up Meru Central in India via the Shark’s Fin last October, for instance—for which he and climbing partners Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker were 2012 Piolet d’Or nominees—Ozturk doesn’t fail to mention that Meru is the center of the universe in the Hindu religion, or that the sacred Ganges River finds its source near the beginning of their climb.…
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We’re revving up for a phenomenal festival this year and now it’s your chance to join the fun. Festival-sponsor Polartec is giving away an all expenses paid trip to the 5Point Film Festival April 26 to 29.…
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Jimmy Chin, Conrad Anker and Renan Ozturk on Mount Meru. Photo: Jimmy Chin
Since the 5Point Film Festival first launched five years ago, we have welcomed and honored some of the world’s most celebrated adventurers. Founded as a community that aims to stoke the fire of adventure through film, art and live performances, the festival has always been a place to gather around the proverbial fire and tell stories of adventures and journeys past and those on the horizon.…
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5Point teaming up with CCAH for a gallery show titled ‘five’
Gallery Opening: Friday, April 6
Submissions Deadline: March 15th Please email 2 to 4 images of the work you will show, or a description of your project in process and images of work, to…
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