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YEAR AND SCHOOL: Junior at Roaring Fork Valley

TITLE: Engineering for a Renewable World

“The Dream Project really helped me identify my motives and pinpoint exactly what I want to do with my life. It underlined what exactly my intentions are and why I am motivated to make a change in the health of our planet.


First-Design-of-Wind-TurbineEver since Will was little, he has been constantly building; from legos to now clean energy devices, he has had a drive to create. In addition, he has always wanted to make a difference; to change lives, our planet and our future. For his Dream Project, Will proposed to apply these interests by attending Alfred University’s renewable engineering camp. Recognizing that we need people to motivate others and get inspired to work towards a better future, he is determined to help lead us to a cleaner, more responsible future.

Heading to New York, Will had the opportunity to learn along side like-minded, engaged peers from experienced and leading industry professionals. With a balance of classroom presentations and hands-on design, building and testing, he worked in a team to create a wind turbine and a small PV-powered car from their own designs. Drawing upon lessons in energy, physics, renewable energy and even relevant social, economic, and environmental factors, Will developed an extensive base of knowledge pertaining to renewable energy.

With his Dream Project concluded, Will now has the knowledge to give his passion for renewable energy a real driving force and direction!

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That is why we need to educate people, be advocates for what we have learned and exercise what we preach. I did not go to this camp simply for my own benefit. No, I went to this camp because we need to make a difference in the world and make a difference for more than just ourselves. We have to use our knowledge and power responsibly. How can the future benefit if we miss out on this opportunity we have right now?.


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