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YEAR AND SCHOOL: Senior at Colorado Rocky Mtn School

TITLE: Thompson Divide Exposed

“I am learning to just go out and explore. There is something special about going somewhere completely new and just taking in what is out there.”

Will Sardinsky In The FieldGrowing up in the Roaring Fork Valley, Will has spent extensive amounts of time in the wilderness, in particular the Thompson Divide. Seeing the recent debate over the development of parts of the 220,000 acre area, he decided to propose a project that would allow him to photograph and showcase the beauty of the Thompson Divide Wilderness Area.

Utilizing all the resources of the community, he is working with local photographers, the Thompson Divide Coalition, and all sorts of personalities that will share their connections with the local wilderness. Accessing areas through everything from foot and bike to plane and horseback, has spent the summer developing an amazing collection of photos that capture the spirit of the area and why it is so valuable to the local community.

Not quite satisfied, Will will be returning to do some fall and winter shooting in the coming months that he hopes will round out his collection. Once finished, he will be showcasing his work and the beauty of the Thompson Divide in Galleries throughout the valley. Stay tuned for more info and for the release of all his photos!

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