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juliette NAME: Juliette Moffroid
PROJECT TITLE: Giving back through art to the John Muir trail
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Juliette, a senior at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, will be backpacking the John Muir Trail, capturing the inspiration she finds along the way by making art prints. In an effort to give back, Juliette plans to donate her art work to trail conservation organizations that are dedicated to preserving these wild places, as well as show casing her work throughout the valley in order to inspire others to make the journey as well.
liam NAME: Liam Kelly
YEAR & SCHOOL: Senior at Bridges High School
PROJECT TITLE: Emergency Communications
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  Liam, a senior at Bridges High School, is an Eagle Scout who is seeking out ways to give back to his community. He plans to support the greater Carbondale area by fulfilling his dream of purchasing and training himself on amateur radio emergency communications systems. He will also be building and installing a solar array in order to power his radio system, making it self sufficient.
rotceh NAME: Rotceh Vazquez
PROJECT TITLE:  Starting a Local Deaf Camp
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  Rotceh, a junior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, is starting a deaf camp for local kids. Her goal is to become fluent in American sign language, and use this to bridge the gap between the deaf and non-hearing impaired communities of the Roaring Fork Valley.
fiona NAME: Fiona Laird
YEAR & SCHOOL: Sophomore at Roaring Fork High School
PROJECT TITLE:  Building Community through an Outdoor Space
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Fiona, a sophomore at Roaring Fork High School, wants to create an outdoor courtyard at her high school. Her goal is to use this space, which will include an area with plants, trees and tables, as a place where students and faculty can enjoy the outdoors while also connecting with each other in this common space.
nic NAME: Nic Reitman
PROJECT TITLE: Climbing and Trail Conservation in the country of Georgia
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Nic, a senior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, a native Russian speaker and aspiring alpinist, is going to the country of Georgia to work on a trail conservation crew. While he is there he plans to climb the majestic Mt Kazbek, among others with the support of a local guide service.


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NAME: Diana Banks
YEAR & SCHOOL: Senior at Glenwood Springs High School
PROJECT TITLE: Opening The Mind in Laos
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  Diana, a senior at Glenwood Springs High School, came to us with a very unique and meaningful project. Having already accomplished much through her schoolwork, she decided to explore what it means to live a “well-lived” life through proper purpose and balance.  Traveling with a group to Laos, she will spend her time immersed in a reflective, perspective-altering culture, whilst participating in an array of community service projects. Living with monks, practicing and studying their pursuit of wellbeing, and working with impoverished children, Diana hopes to not only have a positive impact on the places and people she encounters, but to also learn much about herself through these experiences!

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NAME: William Sardinsky
YEAR & SCHOOL: Senior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School
PROJECT TITLE: Thompson Divide Exposed
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  William, a senior at CRMS, brought two of his passions together in his application: photography and his love for the Carbondale community. Seeing the current debate regarding the Thompson Divide, he decided to capture compelling images of the local wilderness to fight against the development of this beautiful land. Working with numerous local photographers and organizations, William aims to create a photo collection that showcases the uses, importance, and raw beauty of Thompson Divide, which he will display throughout the Roaring Fork Valley to raise awareness. We love to see our recipients having a local impact with their projects!

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NAME: Griffen Rowe-Gaddis
YEAR & SCHOOL: Senior at Glenwood Springs Highs School
PROJECT TITLE:  Expanding Horizons
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  Griffen, a senior at Glenwood Springs High School, came to us with a deep desire to help those in need and an almost abnormal love for Portuguese; as a result, he will be heading to Brazil this summer to assist with the education and development of underprivileged children. Trying to avoid a trip of “voluntourism”, he will work with a small, local program in Sao Paulo that works with children from favelas that have been victims of drug violence. Offering an escape from crime and an opportunity to focus on their education and important life-skills, Griffen hopes to have a powerful, and tangible impact on their lives. With a good heart and a drive to help, we know he will have an incredible experience!

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NAME: Anne-Marie Lewis
YEAR & SCHOOL: Freshman at Colorado Rocky Mountain School
PROJECT TITLE:  Giving the Amazon Fresh Water and a Voice
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Anne-Marie, a freshman at CRMS, created a project where she can combine her loves for helping others with her passions for photography and writing. Joining the Shoulder-To-Shoulder program, she will work along side local communities within the Bolivian Amazon as a non-imposing organization, helping them access clean water. In addition, Anne-Marie will be documenting her work and interactions, and she will speak at several venues throughout the US to spread awareness of deforestation and water quality issues in the Amazon. With an incredible passion and drive to make a difference, we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes!

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NAME: Will Masters
YEAR & SCHOOL: Junior at Roaring Fork High School
PROJECT TITLE: Engineering for a Renewable World
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Will, a junior at Roaring Fork Valley High School, clearly seeks out ways to not only challenge himself, but also make the world around him a better place. Having developed a real drive and passion to innovate and construct, he created a project to attend a renewable engineering camp at Alfred University this summer. Learning various aspects of renewable energy, particle physics, economics of energy, and social and environmental factors, Will hopes to continue his efforts to continue his education and provide a better, greener living for everyone. It is passionate students like this that will drive us towards a cleaner future!


NAME: Lucien Blakemore
YEAR & SCHOOL: Junior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School
PROJECT TITLE: The Endless Winter: Dropping a Knee and Lending a Hand
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Lucien, as a junior at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School and a recent addition to Colorado from D.C., came to us with a compelling dream to further his passion for big-mountain skiing. Despite only telemarking for three years, he was determined to extend his winter and continue his training in Chile. While honing his newfound skills, Lucien extended his stay to work for the Full Circle program, installing sustainable agriculture systems in rural Chile. Click here to read more…
NAME: Maggie Deveny
YEAR & SCHOOL: Junior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School
PROJECT TITLE: A Mission to Give Back to Kenya
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  Maggie, as a junior at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, proposed a trip to aid a non-profit clinic based in Kenya, called Bonyo’s Kenya Mission. Having journeyed to Kenya to volunteer for the program and already starting a club at CRMS to raise money to buy school supplies, Maggie had a clear dream to return to Kenya and to better organize the child sponsorship area of the program. Click here to read more…
NAME: Caset Hynes
YEAR & SCHOOLSenior at Glenwood Springs Highs School
PROJECT TITLE:  A New Perspective: Volunteering for a Haiti Orphanage
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  Casey, a senior at Glenwood Springs High School, has always had a passion for culture, people, and places that differ from what she knows. Contributing to and leading several organizations related to community support and modern issue awareness, she strives to explore and help those in need. With her Dream Project, Casey traveled to Haiti to work for the Global Orphan Project, which aims to keep families connected under extreme circumstances. Click here to read more…
NAME: Claire Woolcott
YEAR & SCHOOL: Junior at Polaris High School
PROJECT TITLE: Patience Is a Virtue and a Place
BRIEF DESCRIPTION:   Claire, a sophomore at Polaris High School, was constantly seeking purpose and meaning in the world around her. Passionate about connecting people in meaningful ways and helping them find their unique strengths, Claire proposed a Dream Project to work in a Camphill community in Quebec, which helps people with special needs participate fully as capable citizens of the world. Click here to read more…
NAME: Anabolena Mendoza
YEAR & SCHOOLJunior at Coal Ridge High School
PROJECT TITLE:  Por Amor Sustainability Project
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Ana was born on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, where she lived until she was three. She now attends New Castle’s Coal Ridge High School. During a visit with family in Ecuador she learned about the Por Amor Orphanage. Moved by what she experienced, Ana started a club and began raising money for the kids she met. For her Dream Project, Ana will return to the orphanage and work with the kids to install solar panels and a sustainable garden.Due to circumstances, Ana will be completing her Dream Project in December 2012. Stay tuned to hear more!


Weaver Froelicher
Weaver is a student at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School and his passion is whitewater kayaking. His application was full of spirit and authenticity. His Dream Project funds will be used to travel to Uganda to conduct malaria education and teach local villagers how to kayak.

JJ Worley
JJ is a senior at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School and her passion is giving back to others and connecting with different cultures. Her ‘Dream Project’ will be traveling to Costa Rica to live with a family, coach soccer, and learn the indigenous farming and cooking techniques. Her humility and gratitude for life is why she was chosen as a Dream Project winner.

Andrew Bair
Andrew is a student at Bridges High School, he is a 7th generation Basalt native with outdoor living in his heritage. His ‘Dream Project’ is to establish an outdoor program for other students at his school and spread the impact of the wilderness to those who have not had the opportunity. Andrew showed deep respect for nature and maturity in thinking of others, which is why we chose him as the third scholarship winner.