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Erica Canas

Erica Canas is a sophomore at Basalt High School. Her dream project is rooted in a sincere desire to support her fellow students at BHS. For her project, she will be starting a peer counseling program called “Connect the Dots,” which will allow students to get the training they need to counsel one another on making good decisions and connecting students with resources that they might not know are available to them in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Colin_Daniels (1)

Colin Daniels

Colin Daniels is a junior at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School and for his project he will be travelling to Puntarenas, Costa Rica. There he will stay with a host family while volunteering with a marine conservation group. Through this project he will be expanding both his knowledge of aquatic life as well as refining his Spanish language skills.

Felina Cruz

Felina Cruz

A sophomore at Roaring Fork High School, Felina Cruz has a dream to travel to Kenya, Africa. For her project she will be living in Kenya and will be a participant of the McBride Internship: A program that explores the natural African wildlife and that inspires in you a sense of something greater than yourself.

Hannah Hayden

Hannah Hayden

Hannah Hayden, a junior at Bridges High School, has always known that she wants to help children who are in difficult situations. For her project, she will be traveling to Cusco, Peru to work in an orphanage. Her hope is to positively impact the lives of the kids that she will meet there.


Will Burrell

Will Burrell is a senior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, with a passion for skateboarding that he wants to share with the kids (and adults) of the Navajo Nation reservation. He will be donating ten skateboards, and building a small skatepark for everyone to enjoy. He’ll also be sharing his love of skating by giving lessons to anyone who is interested, young and old alike.



dream-karyme Karyme Lara

Karyme, a sophomore at Basalt High School, will be creating and managing a local website that will act as an educational resource for local undocumented students in the Roaring Fork Valley, who hope to gain citizenship through the Dream Act.

dream-zoey Zoey Steel

Zoey, a junior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, is going to the country of Nepal to teach English at an elementary school. Additionally, on her trip, she will embark on a fourteen day trek to the Everest Base Camp to pursue her passions in backpacking and photography.

dream-mauricio Mauricio Sosa

Mauricio, a freshman at Basalt High School, has a dream to create an inspirational peace garden at his school. He hopes this space will bring students to an environment where they can relax and find solace away from the busyness of the school day.

dream-morelia Morelia Bautista

Morelia is a sophomore at Basalt High School. She has been participating in the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) since her freshmen year. Morelia is very passionate about creating a safe environment at school and for her project she will be putting on a valley-wide dance to support and establish gay and straight alliances amongst local high schools.

dream-jacques Jacques Cote

Jacques is an aspiring film maker and a sophomore at Basalt High School. For his project he will be making a short film that will be shot in the Roaring Fork Valley. He hopes to inspire and educate his audience about what it means to be part of a community.



Juliette Moffroid

Juliette, a senior at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, will be backpacking the John Muir Trail, capturing the inspiration she finds along the way by making art prints. In an effort to give back, Juliette plans to donate her art work to trail conservation organizations that are dedicated to preserving these wild places, as well as show casing her work throughout the valley in order to inspire others to make the journey as well.


Liam Kelly

Liam, a senior at Bridges High School, is an Eagle Scout who is seeking out ways to give back to his community. He plans to support the greater Carbondale area by fulfilling his dream of purchasing and training himself on amateur radio emergency communications systems. He will also be building and installing a solar array in order to power his radio system, making it self sufficient.


Rotceh Vazquez

Rotceh, a junior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, is starting a deaf camp for local kids. Her goal is to become fluent in American sign language, and use this to bridge the gap between the deaf and non-hearing impaired communities of the Roaring Fork Valley.


Fiona Laird

Fiona, a sophomore at Roaring Fork High School, wants to create an outdoor courtyard at her high school. Her goal is to use this space, which will include an area with plants, trees and tables, as a place where students and faculty can enjoy the outdoors while also connecting with each other in this common space.


Nic Reitman

Nic, a senior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, a native Russian speaker and aspiring alpinist, is going to the country of Georgia to work on a trail conservation crew. While he is there he plans to climb the majestic Mt Kazbek, among others with the support of a local guide service.