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grove Garrett Grove
During his first summit up Mt. Baker in college seeing the sun rise after an alpine start and all the color and fear that goes with it, Garret Grove captures the moment with his Canon Rebel 35mm film camera…the photos kind of sucked, but he has kept them all these years. To Garrett, they were meaningful shots because they represent the start of an all encompassing passion. Those photos were the first time he realized the power that capturing those moments can have on the people he shares them with. Now, flash forward 11 years and he is lucky enough to have photography as his profession and bases much of his life around the outdoors and the people who love them. See more at
zoch Carl Zoch
Carl once lived in Hood River, Oregon until he got the bright idea to get rid of his things and live out of his Honda Element. Traveling around the Western US and Canada, Carl photographs various assignments and partakes in adventurous shenanigans along the way. Carl landed in Carbondale, Colorado and currently calls this valley ‘home’ until the next adventure pulls him away. He photographs anything and everything that fits into the context of this life being enjoyed. See more at