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 Jim Aikman

Jim Aikman

Jim is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. He is a co-founder of Bedrock Filmworks and lives in Portland, Oregon with his only love, his dog Navi. He edited the film Martin’s Boat and is co-director on Slapping the Bulge.

Skip Armstrong

Skip Armstrong

Skip Armstrong owns and operates Wazee Motion Pictures. He is an award-winning director + cinematographer whose client list includes Boeing, Air New Zealand, Ford, Toyota, National Geographic, Camp 4 Collective, BF Goodrich Tires, The North Face and more. His films have been awarded at major film festivals including 5Point, Banff and Telluride.


Fitz Cahall

Fitz Cahall’s thinking is shaped by the years he spent living out of cars and closets. In 2007, he started an online radio show, the Dirtbag Diaries, dedicated to the tales that define our outdoor community. Today, he is the owner and creative director of Duct Tape Then Beer, a digital agency that focuses on meaningful storytelling. Fitz lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Becca and sons, Teplin and Wiley.

Claire Jane Carter

Claire graduated with distinction from the University of East Anglia Creative Writing MA in 2010, and is now a writer and creative consultant in the outdoor industry. Claire is the Film Officer for Kendal Mountain festival, Film Judge for Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and is currently co-editing a new anthology of women’s wilderness and adventure; Waymaking.

Kale Casey

Kale Casey ​is a skijor racer and wildland firefighter who serves as co­captain for Team USA. Kale has won multiple races in North America and it is his mission to promote dog­powered sports both locally and North America and produce stories covering the diverse group of dogs and humans who share the common passion of living, working, and playing together.

Jimmy Agnew

For the past 14 years, Jimmy Agnew has kept Austin weird in his own unique and authentic way. The native Texan and self proclaimed “Play Enthusiast,” former collegiate athlete and adventure traveler had a very unique idea: to start one of the largest school based unicycle clubs in the nation. Over the past 8 years, their school club, The Uni-Saders, have inspired over 700 children of all ages to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially through one-wheeled play.

Nik Berry

Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nik Berry learned to love playing in the mountains at an early age. Introduced to climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon in high school, Nik was immediately hooked. Attending university in Flagstaff, Ariz., intensified his obsession, and also allowed him to meet some great friends who showed him how to succeed and thrive in all of climbing’s disciplines. With this young group of dedicated climbers, Nik would travel every weekend to Hueco, Indian Creek, Bishop, Joes Valley or Redrocks to further hone his craft. Nik’s obsession turned his college years into a four-year climbing road trip that left him with a B.A. in business and a masters in rock climbing. Though Nik’s skills as a climber have given him the opportunity to travel and climb at many world-renowned areas, Yosemite still has his heart.

Emily Harrington

Emily Harrington is a professional rock climber and adventurer who has been a prominent and leading figure in the climbing community since she was a teenager. Since shifting her focus from competition, Emily has completed numerous first female ascents of 5.14 sport routes, free climbed Yosemite’s iconic El Capitan, summited Everest, and has been on expeditions all over the world attempting big wall free climbs and high altitude peaks in Nepal, China, Myanmar, Crimea, and Morocco.

Anson Fogel

Anson Fogel

As a director, Anson has won over 20 major film festival awards, including the Grand Prize at Banff 2011, Grand Prize at New Zealand, The Camera prizes at Trento and Gratz, and many more. He has directed or shot commercial and television work for Microsoft, Oakley, Colorado Tourism, NBC, among many others and has produced, written or edited multiple short and long form narrative and documentary films.

Mike Hopkins

If you are one of those fine individuals that appreciates a good beard, a quality stint in the hurt locker, or say, a stroll down the road less traveled, than your paths are bound to cross with Mike. Professional athlete, traveler, impulse writer, and photographer, from the township of Rossland B.C., Mike’s career began in professional skiing, progressed to mountain bikes, and eventually landed where he is today, passing the year as a multi-sport athlete and project manager and like you guys, he’s just out here chasing the next adventure.

Lacey Kemp

Lacy Kemp resides in Bellingham, Washington. Her time is happily spent writing stories, riding her mountain bike, teaching yoga, and exploring the northwest with her dog. DreamRide is her ultimate fantasy project, and to see it presented at 5Point is a dream come true.

Galen Knowles

When Galen was 10 years old, he sold his playstation to buy his first video camera and has not put it down since. At a young age he began a fruitful freelance career on the icy slopes of Vermont. Galen met Phil and Brolin his freshman year at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. Galen was the primary cinematographer, editor, and oversaw all creative decisions of how the documentary, Far From Home, would look on screen. Galen has filmed and edited for a variety of clients including Intel, The Weather Channel, Sprint and many more. After the completion of Far From Home, he and Phil came together to form WZRD Media.

Ace Kvale

Ace Kvale’s photography is a celebration of the human element. From being a ski model in the 80’s to racking up over 25 expeditions to the Himalayas and traveling to over 60 countries, Ace is once again finding a different way of looking through the viewfinder: photography as an opportunity to raise consciousness. “It’s not the places we go, it’s the people we meet when we get there. My focus now is on giving back to cultures I’ve come to love.”


Chris Kalous

Chris Kalous is a climber, skier, musician, and Carbondale local. 25 years ago, he escaped the Midwest and came to Colorado because John Denver told him to in a song. Chris has climbed around the world, establishing routes on multiple continents, and currently produces The Enormocast, a podcast scandalizing the climbing world.


Brendan Leonard

Brendan Leonard is the creator of, and a climber and writer whose work has appeared in Climbing, Backpacker, Outside, Men’s Journal, The Dirtbag Diaries, Sierra, and other publications. His first book, The New American Road Trip Mixtape, was published in 2013.


Soozie Lindbloom

Soozie Lindbloom is the Artistic Director and founder of Out of the Mud Theatre, a contemporary exploration of puppetry that merges visual arts with theater and pageantry by using puppetry as the voice of the every-being, the expression of gratitude, the outburst of joy and the beauty of remembrance. Through the creative outlets of puppetry and mask community theater, Out of the Mud strives to promote justice, equality, healing, humor, positive evolution, personal transformation and peace.

Mason Lacey

Mason is a water guy, having grown up on the rivers and creeks of Colorado. Paddling and general adventuring have taken him all over the world, most recently to Mongolia. He enjoys water resources engineering, and driving his full size school bus.

Max Lowe

Max Lowe

Max Lowe has been exploring the far reaches of the planet since before he could walk; from his home in the mountains of Montana, to Antarctica, Nepal and the Denali Wilderness. The extraordinary wildlife, places and people he’s found along the way have inspired him to pick up a camera and a pen to capture the moment. Currently, Max works as an independent photographer and filmmaker based in Bozeman, MT.


Pete McBride

Native Coloradoan Pete McBride has spent two decades studying the world with his camera. A self-taught, award-winning photographer and filmmaker, writer and speaker, McBride has traveled on assignment to seven continents and over 65 countries in which he has shot and written over 25 features for the National Geographic Society. He has also worked for Smithsonian, Outside, Esquire, and many others including commercial clients such as Casio, Bose, and Patagonia.

Brody Leven

Brody Leven is a professional adventure skier who ironically prefers climbing up mountains to skiing down them. He travels the world on a shoestring, returning with elevated stories to inspire others to tackle difficult challenges.

Wade Newsom

Wade Newsom is a Carbondale local who set out to live life to the fullest and push his experiences through adventure and passion. As a result, Wade is known today for being a professional cyclist, a coffee shop owner and a wordsmith by way of poetry. When it comes to the latter, Wade thinks deeply about the message, the syllables’ sounds and the rhythm of the delivery. Then he brings it to life by spoken word.

Mike Libecki

Mike Libecki has an addiction/obsession: To explore, find and climb first ascents on big, steep mountains and rock walls in virgin Earth. Everyday he asks himself, “Why Ration Passion? And he has many passions… aside from exploring the most remote and exotic corners of the planet embracing mystery (without mystery there is no adventure) on wild adventures (many of them solo), he is a dedicated father to his angel-daughter (he has won Father of the Year Award more than once.)


Renan Ozturk

A globally recognized expedition climber, landscape artist and filmmaker, Renan as traveled the high Himalaya, the jungles of Borneo and deserts of Africa.Through top mountain film festival awards and online viral recognition, Renan’s cinematography and visual story telling style has emerged as one of the leaders for the outdoor industry. He co-founded Camp 4 Collective to continue to push the boundaries of expedition storytelling. Clients include The North Face, National Geographic, Outside Magazine and many more.

 Taylor Ress

Taylor Rees

Taylor Rees is a photo journalist and film producer, focusing on environmental and humanitarian issues. Using narrative storytelling and scientific rigor, she is working to bring new perspectives and deeper public understanding to challenging topics such as climate change, energy, natural resource conflicts, and poverty. Her other work includes field producing and creative directing for adventure travel and climbing films, as she collaborates with Camp 4 Collective and her partner Renan Ozturk.


Reuben Sadowsky

A born and raised Aspen Local, Reuben is a product of his environment. Paragliding, speed flying, and big mountain ski competitions took over his last few winters, while Reuben spent summers traveling the globe working for large music festivals like Burning Man and Glastonbury. Now at home in the Roaring Fork Valley, Reuben is a co-founder of Gravity Expeditions and event production company Gravity Productions.

Lance Mackey

Lance Mackey is well known as one of the most inspirational athletes in Alaska’s history. His winning attitude, ability to overcome adversity, and his love of dogs combine to make him one of the world’s most winning dog mushers. Lance is an exceptional dog driver, a cancer survivor, and a down to earth, regular guy.

James ‘Q’ Martin

James ‘Q’ Martin is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning filmmaker and adventure photographer. Dedicated and passionate about regional and international conservation efforts, he has documented stories to help raise awareness of the issues facing our communities throughout the world.


Joey Schusler

Joey Schusler grew up as a professional mountain bike racer and has matured into an accomplished filmmaker. His experience on both sides of the lens enables him to understand the point of view of the filmmaker and the subject like few others. His love for filmmaking spurred his desire to share stories and adventure with others—and continues to motivate his work. Where’s Joey?—look for the big yellow school bus.

Austin Siadak

Austin Siadak graduated from college in 2010 and worked a desk job for one subsequent year, after which he decided to pursue a very different future for himself: capturing and embarking on adventures to climb and hike in the mountains, valleys and mesas of the Western United States.

Ben Stru

Ben Sturgulewski

Sturgefilm founder Ben ‘Sturge’ Sturgulewski grew up on a rugged and remote island in Alaska’s Aleutian Chain, inspiring a life dedicated to the exploration of the world’s wild side, and the people who call it home. Infused in all aspects of production as a director, cinematographer, editor, and writer, he’s worked in definitively nasty and awe-inspiring conditions around the world—all while bringing a unique and critical cinematic perspective to action sports, documentary, narrative, and commercial pursuits.

Brolin Mawejje

Brolin Mawejje was born in the backwoods of Kampala, Uganda, and found sanctuary in the unlikely sport of snowboarding when he emigrated to the States as a 12 year old. Ten years later, Brolin is now well on his way to becoming the first African to ever snowboard in the Winter Olympics as well as securing his spot in medical school.

 Forrest woodward

Forrest Woodward

Forest’s pursuit of new experiences pushes him to continually evolve hiss vision, while reminding him of the importance of carrying his camera with humor, compassion and curiosity. He seeks out stories with soul, eyes that twinkle with the allure of adventure; he strives to share those stories through a clear and honest lens. Born and raised in the hills of North Carolina, Forest currently is based out of Brooklyn NY.

Krystle Wright

Krystal Wright

With an attention span of a goldfish, Krystle could never survive a career involving an office. Her friends currently give her the title of ‘a child of the universe’ since the excessive traveling has lead her to officially becoming a non resident of any country. An adventure photographer by trade, she has the simple life goal of escaping civilization as much as possible with a camera in hand to document the adventures.

Ross Measures

Ross Measures lives in North Vancouver, BC, and his focus is mountain bikes, which he splits between hours in the saddle, and working in the cycling industry. In 2015, Joey invited him to Georgia on his first bikepacking trip ‹ it blew his mind.

Thomas Woodson

Thomas Woodson

Thomas is a multidisciplinary creative that moved west to create his own luck at the foot of the rockies. He’s rumored to be building a reputation for, “poorly planned adventures that somehow work out for 5Point” and enjoys exploring the multiple types of fun. Last year’s 5Point premiere of “Huayhuash” with Joey Schusler marked a change from his design career, sending him all over the world for personal and commercial projects. Expect many more of his poorly planned adventures at future 5Point festivals.

Graham Zimmerman


Graham Zimmerman

Freshly based in Bend, OR Graham lives a life heavily invested in mountains, science, coffee, creativity and community. His career in professional alpinism takes him to many remote icy mountains around the world from which he strives to bring home inspiring tales to share in the forms of written word and film.

Brice Minnigh

Brice Minnigh, perhaps better known as ‘Bad Vlad’ from the blockbuster epic, “The Trail to Kazbegi,” is a career journalist who works as the editor of Bike magazine. Prior to joining Bike eight years ago, Brice spent 15 years as a foreign correspondent in countries such as Russia, Lithuania, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The mountain bike has long been his preferred tool for exploration and adventure, and he’s spent much of his adult life navigating his way through some of the world’s biggest mountain ranges with two wheels and a topo map.


Classically trained musicians from the Midwest, cellist Olivia Diercks and violinist Karla Dietmeyer began collaborating in 2012 while pursuing their Bachelor of Arts degrees in music performance. They joined forces with the goal of creating musical experiences that would challenge their formal training.

Hilary Oliver

Hilary Oliver is a writer based in Denver, Colo. Her work has appeared on Adventure Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Sidetracked, Mountain Flyer, The Dirtbag Diaries and many other places including her own blog,

Sam Seward

Sam Seward currently bases his adventures out of Boulder, Colorado. When he is not out hunting for pow, pedaling his bike, or scaring himself on the plethora of local climbs Sam works as a professional ski patroler. For Sam, scheming up the next big expedition with his friends is only part of what makes a life in the outdoor industry so amazing.

Patrick White

As a teenager, Patrick spent his summers in western Alaska as an errand boy for his uncle—a bush dentist and commercial fisherman. When he wasn’t cleaning fish or teeth, he was learning everything he could about the local rivers and the Yup’ik people. He’s spent the last 15 years producing documentaries and is now the president of GoodFight Media, a production company that creates cinematic short films and branded content for a variety of clients and broadcast outlets.

Cedar Wright

Cedar Wright is a Professional Climber and Filmmaker living in Boulder Colorado. As a member of The North Face Team, Cedar has traveled the world establishing adventurous and daring first ascents, often documenting these exploits through his writing and cinematography.




Meet Mighty Quinn! Bred by legendary Swedish born musher Egil Ellis, Quinn was born in Willow, Alaska. He is a half Alaskan Husky, and half German Short Haired Pointer who has enormous strength and an unstoppable passion for pulling straight ahead. In 2012, Quinn went undefeated during his rookie year as a skijor racer. Quinn loves riding in the front seat and he is an avid swimmer and ball chaser.

Genghis Khan aka the Desert Dog

I’m a rad desert dog who loves a good stroll and time with my favorite human Ace.