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1% Of the Story

Director: Ben Knight and Travis Rummel

(USA, 14 min, Non-Profit)

1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. Here’s our story.

180 South

Directors: Chris Malloy

(USA, 84 min, Adventure)

Chris Malloy’s film strikes so deeply into the heart of Patagonia’s wilderness we come to feel at home there. 180° South: Conquerors of the useless follows Jeff Johnson as he retraces the epic 1968 journey of his heroes, Yvon Chouinard
and Doug Tompkins, to Patagonia. Along the way he gets shipwrecked off Easter Island, surfs the longest wave of his life, and prepares himself for a rare ascent of Cerro Corcovado. Jeff’s life turns when he meets up in a rainy hut with Chouinard and Tompkins who, once driven purely by a love of climbing and surfing, now value above all the experience of raw nature – and have come to Patagonia to spend their fortunes to protect it.


As It Happens

Director: Renan Ozturk

(USA, 20 min, Mountaineering)

In January 2010, Renan Ozturk and Cory Richards boarded planes bound for
the Everest region of Nepal. Their goal

was to establish a new alpine climb on Tawoche (21,320 ft.), and to tell the story as it unfolded…from the field. With only digital SLR cameras, solar energy, a satellite modem and two laptops, they shot, edited and transmitted their journey from the high Himalaya. Using social media, their story was followed by over 100,000 people in real time. These are their dispatches – the story told “as is happens.”


Border Country

Directors: Jeremy Collins

(USA, 9 min, Climbing)

Jeremy Collins’ Border Country merges video, photos, animation and painting to convey his experience establishing a new route on Yosemite Valley’s Middle Cathedral with Patagonia ambassador Mikey Schaefer. The two had been planning the new route when they learned of the deaths of their good friends and fellow climbers, Jonny Copp and Micah Dash. Collins said, “They showed us to never give up, to go light, to go bold and always live with passion.” He and Schaefer sent the route in their honor. Border Country is the name of a poem written by Jonny the day before he and Micah disappeared in an avalanche in China.

D&Y: Chick Skateboarders

Director: Tiffany Morgan Campbell and Andria Lessler

(UK, 8 min, Skateboarding)

This high-energy segment of the award-winning film, Dear & Yonder, will drop some jaws! Watch as these young female skateboarders perform amazing tricks and build camaraderie in the skate park.

Dear & Yonder

Director: Andris Lessler and Tiffany Campbell

(USA, 55 min, Surfing)

A 5Point audience favorite in 2009, Dear & Yonder (by Liz Clark) was just a portion of the full length film screening tonight. Quirky and creative, Dear & Yonder shares the unsung stories of a cast of dynamic women who reveal what drives them to travel, explore and create far beyond surfing and a love of the ocean.


Director: Masaki Sekiguchi

(Japan, 3 min, Skiing)

Shinsetsu means “deep powder” in Japanese. This short and poetically shot film expresses a typical day in the filmmaker’s home mountains of Japan.



Director: Paris Mavroidis

(USA, 3 min, Animation)

Blurring the lines between air and sea, Divers transforms the human body into shapes and plays with individual forms as they become part of the larger whole. This beautiful film follows a series of divers as they fall through the sky and eventually fall into the water.

Dream Result

Director: Rush Sturges

(USA, 35 min, Kayaking)

Driven by the passions of nine friends, top athletes and lifelong colleagues, Dream Result is the culmination of a yearlong journey exploring the limits of possibility. Footage includes the world record waterfall descent of 186-foot Palouse Falls, expeditions into the wilderness of northern Canada, big air freestyle on the flooded rivers of Quebec, and a quest for waterfalls throughout Chile and Scandinavia.


Escaping The Wheel: Bhutan’s Snowman Trek

Director: Peter McBride

(USA, 7 min, Mountain Culture)

In the land of the Thunder Dragon, there is a walk across northern Bhutan that is coined “the hardest trek in the world.”  More people have stood on top of Mt. Everest than completed this mystical 230-mile walk through a spiritual land. Produced for National Geographic TV and PBS, this short film takes you into the remote reaches of the Himalaya, far from the world of wheels and deep into one of the last realms of Tibetan Buddhism.

First Ascent: Brother’s Wild

Directors: Peter Mortimer

(USA, 24 min, Climbing)

Two brothers – Timmy O’Neill, a pro climber, and Sean O’Neill, who is paralyzed from the waist down – push the limits of adaptive climbing, conquering the 3,000-foot face of El Capitan. Then it’s on to the Ruth Gorge of Alaska, where they cross a treacherous glacier to climb a remote rock wall. In a storm-stricken land that would challenge even able-bodied climbers, Timmy and Sean face their greatest challenge yet.


First Ascent: Patagonia Promise

Director: Peter Mortimer

(USA, 24 min, Climbing)

Climber Stanley Leary and his two friends venture across South America to the wild peaks of Patagonia on a journey of the heart. Their mission: to attempt a first ascent and spread the ashes of Stanley’s lover, Roberta, from the summit, thus, granting her dying wish.


First Ascent: Point of No Return

Director: Peter Mortimer

(USA, 24 min, Climbing)

Elite alpine climbers Jonny Copp and Micah Dash travel to a little-explored and treacherous mountain range near the border of Tibet to make a first ascent of a high altitude face. When tragedy strikes, the dark and dangerous side of climbing is revealed.

Follow Me

Director: Darcy Wittenburg and Darren McCullough

(Canada, 48 min, Mountain Biking)

At the head of a trail you’ve never ridden, a friend turns with a knowing look and says, “Just follow me!”  We’ve all heard it, and depending on who says it, it makes a pretty big difference for what lies ahead. Whether a good idea or not, we almost always drop in. Now, riding alone is great. But let’s face it, we all ride harder, go faster, take more risks, and have more fun when we

ride with friends.


Gum For My Boat

Director: Russell Brownley

(USA, 33 min, Surfing)

A story of hope, Gum for My Boat focuses on the Bangladesh Surf Club and its young members consisting of more than 30 boys and girls. Many of the children are street kids or come from very poor families – some don’t even know how to swim. But, their love of surfing brings them together and into a way of life they never even knew existed. An ocean that was once deemed “off limits” due to fear and a very conservative Islamic culture is now a source of fun, escape and purpose. Follow professional surfer, Kahana Kalama as he works with Hawaiian-based non-profit, Surfing The Nations, and learns from these kids that sometimes surfing involves much more than catching waves.


Director: Bjorn Engna

(USA, 11 min, Mountain Biking)

The coolest human-powered adrenaline tool ever invented – the mountain bike? Cuts from the French Alps to the lush coast of British Columbia incorporate dirt jump, trail, freeride, slopestyle and

downhill styling.

Living the Dream

Director: Renan Ozturk

(USA, 4 min, Climbing)

For most of the last six years, Renan Ozturk has been a self-declared traveling vagabond following his passion for rock climbing. This existence has involved sleeping outside in wild places, hitching rides, having very few belongings, a drained bank account and some gourmet dumpster diving. Despite all the glamour, every day he climbs. And, every day he lives his dream.

Metalko Falls

Directors: Fred Norquist

(USA, 3 min, Kayaking)

Watch and listen as this Roaring Fork Valley local, Fred Norquist, shows an intimate perspective of dropping this 101-foot waterfall in Oregon.


Off the Grid, Ohio

Director: RA Beattie

(USA, 9 min, Fly Fishing)

Discover unspoken hatches, unknown fish and rivers that flow unnamed. A fly fishing movie about places off the beaten path, Off the Grid is a brief snapshot into the lives of two passionate young steelhead anglers trying to make a living doing what they love most – fly fishing. This special 5Point Film Festival cut was shot outside

of Cleveland, Ohio.


Our Boat is Our Address

Director: Shiropa Purna

(Bangladesh, 11 min, Culture)

Shiropa Purna is an 11-year-old Bangladeshi girl who was intrigued by the gypsies of her local river, the Turag. This unique documentary reveals the culture and lifestyle of these boat dwelling gypsies as they are forced to get creative and rely on everyone in their community to ensure their survival.


Directors: Alison Teal Blehert-Koehn

(Nepal, 5 min, Mountain Culture)

Seven-year-old Alison has been dragged around the world by her eccentric adventure photographer parents. On a family expedition in the Himalayas, Alison meets a sherpa girl named Rita. This is a true story of their adventures.


Rowing the Atlantic

Director: J.B. Benna

(USA, 26 min, Rowing)

A few years ago, Roz Savage gave up what for many would be an ideal life (husband, great job, big house). She picked up a few pairs of rowing oars, and a boat to go with them, and set off across the Atlantic Ocean – alone – in a rowboat.  She faced one of the most intimidating challenges of her life rowing 3,000 miles. We see her struggles, her shortcomings and fears, and how she ultimately found the strength to rise to this seemingly impossible task.

Rumba Sunday

Director: Peter McBride

(USA, 4 min, Dance)

For the last ten years Peter McBride has done repeated assignment work in Cuba for a variety of magazines. This short is a collection of footage from his travels, shot on three different Sundays during typical Rumba festivals. Derived from the Spanish word for “party,” rumba is a percussive rhythm with song and dance that is often performed with great energy and spontaneity. This short is a celebration of the music, dance and spirit of

the Cuban people.

Scattered Flurries

Director: Ben Knight and Travis Rummel

(USA, 4 min, Snow)

Another brilliant film brought to us by Felt Soul Media (filmmakers of 2009’s award-winning Red Gold), Scattered Flurries explores the light and characters that appear during deep winter. This film, shot in Telluride, CO, epitomizes why we love life in the Colorado mountains.


Second Nature

Director: Colin Blackshear

(USA, 18 min, Longboarding)

In an exploration of the abstract and the extreme, Second Nature examines the natural boundaries of the human body. Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo and J.M. Duran star as test subjects wielding skateboards and blue suits as they race down the roads of California’s High Sierras.



Director: Alison Teal Blehert-Koehn

(USA, 7 min, Surfing)

During a surf safari down the desolate Moroccan coastline, Alison encounters a fortuneteller that warns her she will have a serious surfing accident if she does not kiss a live cobra! And thus the adventure begins – guided by Moroccan magic.


The Argentine Project

Director: Jeremy Grant

(Canada, 8 min, Mountain Biking)

Follow two friends as they explore the northern tip of the Argentinean Andes with their mountain bikes. They search for perfect lines – based on one photograph from an internet search. This leads them on an adventure of epic proportions and possibly the best trip of their lives.


The Fall Line

Director: Tyler Stableford

(USA, 10 min, Skiing)

After losing his legs in a grenade blast in Iraq, Army Ranger Heath Calhoun endures a grueling recovery of reintegrating into daily life. Years later, the Virginia native finds freedom in an unlikely location – on the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado. Calhoun discovers an innate talent for ski racing, earning a coveted chance to represent his country yet again – as an athlete on the 2010 Paralympic ski team. With gold in the balance, Calhoun commits everything to the challenge.


Director: Bryan Smith and Fitz Cahall

(USA, 5 min, Skiing)

Jonaven Moore went against his better judgment to get a shot in a film, and it nearly took his best friend’s life. Faced with the implications of his decision to poach a wilderness area via helicopter, Jonaven stepped back from professional snowboarding and decided to make a change.

Tibet: Murder in the Snow

Director: Mark Gould

(Australia, 54 min, Mountain Culture)

In 2006, the world was shocked by an event that brought the Chinese/Tibetan conflict to a head. Tibet: Murder in the Snow tells the impacting story of a teenage Tibetan nun killed by Chinese border patrol as she and other pilgrims fled Tibet over the infamous Nangpa Pass. Using original climber footage, reenactments and interviews with witnesses and survivors, the film tells of young Tibetans who risk their lives each year to illegally cross the rugged Himalaya to attend school or see their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.



Director: Paris Mavroidis

(USA, 3 min, Animation)

A young yogi challenges an old master to a yoga battle. The egotistical challenger thinks he has what is necessary to take on the master, but there’s more to yoga than physical postures…

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Best of Festival
First Ascent: Patagonia Promise

Best Adventure Sport
Second Nature

Most Inspiring Story
The Fall Line

Best Cinematography
Scattered Flurries

Jury Special Selection
180 South

People’s Choice
Gum For My Boat