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 Jim Aikman

Jim Aikman

Jim Aikman is a filmmaker and photographer from Boulder, Colorado. He’s worked in locations all over world, often collaborating with leading production companies to produce media for a variety of clients across industries. Jim is most comfortable in a creative role, staying involved from pre-production to delivery.

Skip Armstrong

Skip Armstrong

Skip Armstrong owns and operates Wazee Motion Pictures. He is an award-winning director + cinematographer whose client list includes Boeing, Air New Zealand, Ford, Toyota, National Geographic, Camp 4 Collective, BF Goodrich Tires, The North Face and more. His films have been awarded at major film festivals including 5Point, Banff and Telluride.


Fitz Cahall

Fitz Cahall’s thinking is shaped by the years he spent living out of cars and closets. In 2007, he started an online radio show, the Dirtbag Diaries, dedicated to the tales that define our outdoor community. Today, he is the owner and creative director of Duct Tape Then Beer, a digital agency that focuses on meaningful storytelling. Fitz lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Becca and son, Teplin.

 Tommy Caldwell

Tommy Caldwell

Tommy’s dad taught him to embrace fear and doubt and turn them into inspiration. Given this attitude, Tommy has established some of the hardest routes in the country and free climbed 13 routes on El Capitan in Yosemite. He believes difficult journeys, with little chance for success, teach him the most. This attitude is no better exemplified than by his by his first free ascent of Dawn Wall in January of 2015, and his first ascent of the Fitz Traverse in Patagonia in February of 2014.


Baybe Champ

Baybe Champ

Born and raised in Oakland California, Tyrone “Baybe Champ” Stevenson Jr. launched a movement in his community on two wheels. Through the Scraper Bike Movement, Baybe Champ excited the youth in his community to sty out of the drug and crime ridden streets and ride them in style instead.

Jeremy Collins

Jeremy Collins

Climber, artist, filmmaker, and activist Jeremy Collins weaves a story through his art, word, and filmmaking in some of the most inspiring places on earth. Jeremy has traveled all over the world climbing and capturing the essence of these special places. His latest work, DRAWN is in film and book form and available for purchase. Launching his Meridian Line of apparel in 2014, you can now own and wear a piece of Jeremy’s inspiring work.


Chris Davenport

Two-time World Champion skier Chris Davenport is widely regarded as one of the premiere big mountain skiers in the world today. Among his ski mountaineering achievements, Chris became the first person to ski all of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks in less than one year. When not traveling the globe, Chris resides in Aspen with his wife and three boys.


Jason/Andy Dorais

Growing up in Indiana far away from the mountains, Jason and Andy Dorais moved out to Utah as fast as they could and never looked back. With the Wasatch Range as their daily play ground, Jason and Andy both work as ER doctors in Salt Lake City. Balancing family, professional work with time in the moutnains on skis and on foot requires a fast and light approach. This has led to some exciting days trying to climb and ski big peaks like Mount Rainier or the Grand Teton in a morning to be back by lunch. At this stage of life they don’t have the time to go on expeditions, so the Dorais find ways to fit in the fun every day.

Anson Fogel

Anson Fogel

As a director, Anson has won over 20 major film festival awards, including the Grand Prize at Banff 2011, Grand Prize at New Zealand, The Camera prizes at Trento and Gratz, and many more. He has directed or shot commercial and television work for Microsoft, Oakley, Colorado Tourism, NBC, among many others and has produced, written or edited multiple short and long form narrative and documentary films.

Nick Geddes

Nick Geddes

Professional Mountainbiker and current University student in Vancouver,

Lynn Hill

Lynn Hill

One of the first successful women in the sport, Lynn Hill shaped rock climbing for women and became a public spokesperson, helping climbing gain wider popularity and arguing for gender equality. Known for the first free ascent of the Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, Hill continues to climb and has not stopped taking on ambitious goals. She is a sponsored athlete for the Patagonia gear and clothing company and owns a small business that offers climbing courses.


Hayden Kennedy

Hayden is what some would call a “boss”. He was introduced to his first multi-pitch climb (the Kor-Ingalls route on Castleton Tower) at the age of 13. The experience as he remembers it was petrifying the entire time, but rather than deter him, it merely solidified his obsession with climbing. To this day, Hayden still revels in the most challenging climbs; he draws inspiration from the struggle of a hard redpoint or the mental effort a dicey alpine lead requires. You can find him on the cloud.


Ben Knight

Ben likes cats, sugar, bikes, cameras, trucks, bacon, ketchup, sleep, friends and Japanese mayonnaise. He makes little movies sometimes because it feels right and lives in a small mountain town because that feels right too. He hates flossing, but is trying to embrace its importance.


Chris Kalous

Chris Kalous is a climber, skier, musician, and Carbondale local. 25 years ago, he escaped the Midwest and came to Colorado because John Denver told him to in a song. Chris has climbed around the world, establishing routes on multiple continents, and currently produces The Enormocast, a podcast scandalizing the climbing world.


Brendan Leonard

Brendan Leonard is the creator of Semi-Rad.com, and a climber and writer whose work has appeared in Climbing, Backpacker, Outside, Men’s Journal, The Dirtbag Diaries, Sierra, and other publications. His first book, The New American Road Trip Mixtape, was published in 2013.


Soozie Lindbloom

Soozie Lindbloom is the Artistic Director and founder of Out of the Mud Theatre, a contemporary exploration of puppetry that merges visual arts with theater and pageantry by using puppetry as the voice of the every-being, the expression of gratitude, the outburst of joy and the beauty of remembrance. Through the creative outlets of puppetry and mask community theater, Out of the Mud strives to promote justice, equality, healing, humor, positive evolution, personal transformation and peace.

 Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe

Born into a climbing family in Ogden, Utah, in 1950, Jeff displayed an early affinity for adventure, climbing the Grand Teton in Wyoming with his father when he was seven years old. He went on to establish over a thousand first ascents throughout North America and the Himalaya, and is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished alpinists the US has ever produced. Confined to a wheelchair for the past several years with a neurodegenerative disease similar to MS and ALS, Jeff continues to “Have fun, work hard, and get smart, to the best of my abilities.”

Max Lowe

Max Lowe

Max Lowe has been exploring the far reaches of the planet since before he could walk; from his home in the mountains of Montana, to Antarctica, Nepal and the Denali Wilderness. The extraordinary wildlife, places and people he’s found along the way have inspired him to pick up a camera and a pen to capture the moment. Currently, Max works as an independent photographer and filmmaker based in Bozeman, MT.


Pete McBride

Native Coloradoan Pete McBride has spent two decades studying the world with his camera. A self-taught, award-winning photographer and filmmaker, writer and speaker, McBride has traveled on assignment to seven continents and over 65 countries in which he has shot and written over 25 features for the National Geographic Society. He has also worked for Smithsonian, Outside, Esquire, and many others including commercial clients such as Casio, Bose, and Patagonia.


Ben Moon

Ben Moon is a self-taught adventure, lifestyle, and music photographer and filmmaker. Surviving cancer at a young age instilled a deep appreciation for every moment and allowed for greater connection with the inspiring individuals he documents, and the beauty of the environment around him.


Wade Newsom

Wade Newsom is a Carbondale local who set out to live life to the fullest and push his experiences through adventure and passion. As a result, Wade is known today for being a professional cyclist, a coffee shop owner and a wordsmith by way of poetry. When it comes to the latter, Wade thinks deeply about the message, the syllables’ sounds and the rhythm of the delivery. Then he brings it to life by spoken word.

 Hayden Peters

Hayden Peters

Leaving a ‘normal’ life of Real Estate, Hayden Peters lives and breathes deeply in the Pacific Northwest. Living everyday to its’ fullest with a new lease on life, Hayden enjoys time on the water, with friends and family.


Renan Ozturk

A globally recognized expedition climber, landscape artist and filmmaker, Renan as traveled the high Himalaya, the jungles of Borneo and deserts of Africa.Through top mountain film festival awards and online viral recognition, Renan’s cinematography and visual story telling style has emerged as one of the leaders for the outdoor industry. He co-founded Camp 4 Collective to continue to push the boundaries of expedition storytelling. Clients include The North Face, National Geographic, Outside Magazine and many more.

 Taylor Ress

Taylor Rees

Taylor Rees is a photo journalist and film producer, focusing on environmental and humanitarian issues. Using narrative storytelling and scientific rigor, she is working to bring new perspectives and deeper public understanding to challenging topics such as climate change, energy, natural resource conflicts, and poverty. Her other work includes field producing and creative directing for adventure travel and climbing films, as she collaborates with Camp 4 Collective and her partner Renan Ozturk.


Reuben Sadowsky

A born and raised Aspen Local, Reuben is a product of his environment. Paragliding, speed flying, and big mountain ski competitions took over his last few winters, while Reuben spent summers traveling the globe working for large music festivals like Burning Man and Glastonbury. Now at home in the Roaring Fork Valley, Reuben is a co-founder of Gravity Expeditions and event production company Gravity Productions.


Frank Sanders

After 50 years of rock climbing, Frank is still fascinated by the activity. He is presently Lead Guide and Cabana Boy, at Devils Tower Climbing and Devils Tower Lodge, at the base of Devils Tower, in a ZIP Code of 44 people, in Northeast Wyoming. 15 years, a happily recovering addict and alcoholic, he is instead addicted to pedaling a bicycle across the country, paddling a sea kayak across the ocean waters, and climbing steep rock. Quilt making, long-slow-wet kisses that last three days, slow dancing in the fast lane and playing piano are amongst his other talents. Currently he’s not sponsored, but you could change that, today!


Mikey Schaefer

Mikey Schaefer is a photographer, filmmaker and climber with a home near Smith Rocks, OR, a PO Box in Yosemite, and a shack in El Chalten, Argentina He embraced the climbing life as teenager, moved to the Yosemite and eventually began pioneering difficult routes first in Yosemite and then in the world’s out of the way places. His commitment in to the vertical life evolved into telling visual stories for the likes of National Geographic, Patagonia, Black Diamond and host of other outdoor companies.


Joey Schusler

Joey Schusler grew up as a professional mountain bike racer and has matured into an accomplished filmmaker. His experience on both sides of the lens enables him to understand the point of view of the filmmaker and the subject like few others. His love for filmmaking spurred his desire to share stories and adventure with others—and continues to motivate his work. Where’s Joey?—look for the big yellow school bus.


Austin Siadak

Austin Siadak graduated from college in 2010 and worked a desk job for one subsequent year, after which he decided to pursue a very different future for himself: capturing and embarking on adventures to climb and hike in the mountains, valleys and mesas of the Western United States.

Ben Stru

Ben Sturgulewski

Sturgefilm founder Ben ‘Sturge’ Sturgulewski grew up on a rugged and remote island in Alaska’s Aleutian Chain, inspiring a life dedicated to the exploration of the world’s wild side, and the people who call it home. Infused in all aspects of production as a director, cinematographer, editor, and writer, he’s worked in definitively nasty and awe-inspiring conditions around the world—all while bringing a unique and critical cinematic perspective to action sports, documentary, narrative, and commercial pursuits.

Karl Thompson

Karl Thompson

Karl is a normal 9-5er who happens to play outside as much as possible. He perfected the face-plant and the lawndart in the short-film Unicorn Sashimi which premeired at 5Point in the 80s.

 Forrest woodward

Forrest Woodward

Forest’s pursuit of new experiences pushes him to continually evolve hiss vision, while reminding him of the importance of carrying his camera with humor, compassion and curiosity. He seeks out stories with soul, eyes that twinkle with the allure of adventure; he strives to share those stories through a clear and honest lens. Born and raised in the hills of North Carolina, Forest currently is based out of Brooklyn NY.

Krystle Wright

Krystal Wright

With an attention span of a goldfish, Krystle could never survive a career involving an office. Her friends currently give her the title of ‘a child of the universe’ since the excessive traveling has lead her to officially becoming a non resident of any country. An adventure photographer by trade, she has the simple life goal of escaping civilization as much as possible with a camera in hand to document the adventures.


Nick Waggoner

Nick Waggoner is the Director/ Producer of Sweetgrass Productions, and he tells stories through a poetic rhythm and soulful narrative. Nick has a BA in Documentary Film from Colorado College, as well as a childhood worthy of a story itself. Born in a back-alley dumpster in New York City, Nick first and foremost learned that shyness and modesty were not rewarded in the big city—and quickly learned how to talk himself out of an arrest and into an opportunity.

Thomas Woodson

Thomas Woodson

Thomas is a multidisciplinary creative that moved west to create his own luck at the foot of the rockies. He’s rumored to be building a reputation for, “poorly planned adventures that somehow work out for 5Point” and enjoys exploring the multiple types of fun. Last year’s 5Point premiere of “Huayhuash” with Joey Schusler marked a change from his design career, sending him all over the world for personal and commercial projects. Expect many more of his poorly planned adventures at future 5Point festivals.

Graham Zimmerman


Graham Zimmerman

Freshly based in Bend, OR Graham lives a life heavily invested in mountains, science, coffee, creativity and community. His career in professional alpinism takes him to many remote icy mountains around the world from which he strives to bring home inspiring tales to share in the forms of written word and film.