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Shattered: Catching Up With Filmmaker + Photographer Tyler Stableford

by Nick Cunkelman

When you give everything, what do you have left?

A book title like Beyond the Mountain begs questions of an existential—as well as epistemological—nature. What is there? Who is there? And, once you find it, how do you know you’re there?

For filmmaker Tyler Stableford, reading such a title lead not only to inquiry but also to inspiration, especially when the author was world-class mountain climber Steve House.

“I was really moved [by] Steve’s book,” said Stableford. “One of the things that was unique was his confession that he came home [from many of his climbs] more broken and more empty than we he left.”

And so Stableford worked with House, who has made three first ascents on Denali, opened new routes on major faces in the Canadian Rockies, and climbed an entirely new route—alpine style—on the Rupal Face on Naga Parbat, Pakistan, to produce the short film Shattered. The film will premiere at the 5Point Film Festival this Thursday, April 26. Shattered, as Stableford attests, is much more than a climbing film.

“The route itself is not of any importance, it’s not about him climbing Bridle Veil Falls in Telluride,” said Stableford. “It’s about Steve’s mental journey, and the visuals are there to support that.”

Visuals captured on Canon’s new EOS-1D X camera, which is the next generation of the company’s DSLR video cameras. In filming, Stableford also battled the elements (the camera survived) and made extensive use of tilt-shift lenses.

“Steve’s not ready to look up that route and the viewer’s not ready to see that route yet,” he said, noting the effect such shooting has on the viewer’s perspective. “I thought it would be best to make it similar to an alpine climber’s aesthetic and I wanted the film to be very bold, spare and ethereal.”

Stableford will be on hand for Thursday’s premiere of the film during 5Point’s Program 1, which begins at 7:00 p.m.

“The great searches in our life usually end somewhat unresolved… the great search we all have in one sense or another for our place in the world, our place in our bodies, and our place in our hearts,” said Stableford. “The film itself will be its own poetic piece.”


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