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Wild Love for Adventure: An Interview with Andy Maser

Andy picked up his first video camera when he was 14 and made his first whitewater kayaking adventure film when he was 16. After he sold his 500th VHS copy in high school, it was clear that filmmaking was going to be a long-term passion. A National Geographic Explorer and award-winning filmmaker, Andy Maser is equally at home filming wildlife and scientists in remote outposts as he is filming commercial shoots in the urban jungle. Location aside, Andy still carries the passion, curiosity and creativity for filmmaking that he did when he was 14.

Andy is traveling to his first 5Point Film Festival this week to premiere two films from his series called Wild Love, which he produced with Jenny Nichols and Emily Nuchols. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions.

This is your first trip to 5Point. What are you looking forward to most?

Most of all, I’m looking forward to catching up with a lot of good friends. The adventure filmmaking community is pretty tight-knit and supportive, but I often only get to catch up with folks when we all emerge from the wilds and our editing caves for events like 5Point.

You have two films in the festival, both from the Wild Love series. What are these films about, how did you get started?

Wild Love is all about exploring ideas that we all have, but rarely talk about. What really motivates us to live adventurous lives, and how do our choices affect our friends and loved ones? With Wild Love, I wanted to dig deeper into these topics than adventure films typically tend to go.

The concept for Wild Love was born out of the experiences of my girlfriend Emily and I. I’ve gone on a number of expeditions since we’ve been dating that have raised a lot of interesting thoughts and concerns. Emily started chatting with friends in the outdoor community and the same themes kept popping up. With that, the concept for Wild Love was born.

What’s next?

I strive to maintain a balance of producing adventure, science and conservation stories, and I think I’m set up well to achieve that this year. I’m continually developing new projects with National Geographic and am planning to produce a bunch of interesting adventure content for PBS this year. On the conservation front, I’m continuing a multi-year timelapse project to document the removal of Condit Dam on the White Salmon River in Washington and working on a few other endangered species and hydropower projects. I also occasionally do commercial work, which is a fun creative outlet that also gives me the opportunity to collaborate with some really talented people.

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