Dream Project

2017 Recipients

Photo of Evelyn Huntington

Evelyn Huntington

A junior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Evelyn is a committed activist for human rights. Originally from South Dakota, Evelyn will be returning home to create a documentary about the women of the Lakota Reservation. Through her camera lens she will capture the stories and challenges surrounding the women of these ancient traditions living in the modern age.

Photo of Cathal Branigan

Cathal Branigan

Cathal is a junior at Roaring Fork High School. Originally from Detroit, MI, Cathal's passion for film extends well beyond what words can express. This unbridled passion is the driving force for Cathal's dream to create a school film group that will encompass all grades and ages, from freshman to seniors. This group will be his legacy as it will continue to exist well after he graduates, providing a safe space for students to discover their passions for film.

Photo of Bianca Goden

Bianca Godina

A sophomore at Basalt High School, Bianca believe in the power of language. Through her passion as a wordsmith and desire to connect to others though language, she will be self-publishing a book of poetry that will speak directly to her peers. Fearlessly spanning topics from dysfunction within families to all the complications that come with being a teenager in modern society, her voice will serve as the bridge, reaching out, empathetically reminding all of us that we are not alone.

Photo of Lily Meadows

Lily Meadows

Lilly is a senior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School. A Carbondale local and accomplished rider that uses her horse skills in a therapeutic riding program with children on the autism spectrum. Lily will travel to Portugal to study under a renowned classic dressage rider and autistic therapy expert. She is looking forward to bringing her training back to the valley to benefit the autistic community.

Photo of Christian Gomez Monarrez

Christian Gomez Monarrez

A Basalt High School senior, Christian's passion is music. As a talented composer and musician he has lent his talent to the non-profit community, playing for organizations such as The Buddy Program during fundraising events. His dream will allow him to create a recording studio to further his passion of sharing music with the community.

Photo of Michell Cabrera

Michell Cabrera

Michell is a junior at Basalt High School. Inspired by a TED Talk, she will be creating a "Before I die ___" wall. She is looking to work with the local community, artists and authorities to make this a permanent installation accessible to all. She hopes that providing a space to anonymously declare one's dreams, and view the dreams of our neighbors, will inspire us all to connect more and get to know each other a little bit better.

Photo of Whitton Feer

Whitton Feer

A whirling dervish of energy, Whitton is a junior at Colorado Rocky Mountain School. He has a sharp awareness of the importance of public lands in our current political climate. An inspired photographer, he will branch into film, documenting the beauty and importance of Colorado's public lands, bringing attention to the necessity of preserving these special places. His film will give voice to the places that cannot speak for themselves, the places where we play, where we learn, explore and expand.

Day Dream Micro Grant

Rachel Eagleton

Rachel Eagleton from Yampah High School will be receiving our Day Dream Micro Grant to further her education of American Sign Language as she continues to be a resource for the hard of hearing and deaf communities of the Roaring Fork Valley.

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