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5Point Adventure Film Festival Dream Project

A central part of our mission here at 5Point is supporting filmmakers who are committed to telling impactful stories of adventure. 

The 5Point Film Fund consists of two separate grants. Up to $5000 will be awarded to an adventure film project directly from 5Point Film. An additional $10,000 has been generously provided by NRS to help support an Indigenous / BIPOC filmmaker or a story that pushes against the boundaries of the traditional paddling film. As always, our five founding principles – Respect, Commitment, Humility, Purpose, and Balance – guide our selection process.

Submissions are now closed. Recipients will be announced in October.


2022 Recipients


To Be Frank

To Be Frank explores authenticity and surfing in Frank Paine, a 73-year-old humble local legend whose life orbits around a two-block stretch of beach. His unforgettable mustache and magnetic spirit are what most first notice, but Frank’s deeper layers expose a depth that might answer some questions that us surfers continually ask ourselves.

Filmmakers: Anna Burns

One For All

Tony Drees has dealt with life in an abusive household, a bomb striking his barracks in the Gulf War, a battle with cancer, and an amputation of his right leg up to his hip—yet he retains a ceaseless optimism. After everything, skiing has become one of his main passions, and this winter, at age 55, he plans to attempt a backflip despite the odds.

Filmmakers: Spencer Miller, Michael Stevens

Driving Sweep

Few river guides ever get the chance to drive Idaho’s Iconic sweep boat. Driving Sweep follows Katie Veteto as she learns how to “drive sweep” down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. She’s learned the rapids and the river, but can she stand on a 4,000lbs raft and drive it safely down steep rocky rapids?

Filmmakers: Greg Cairns

Finding The Line

Alexandra “Chachi” Riesco is a girl shaped by rivers. From slicing through rapids in a whitewater kayak to carving into a metal plate in her printmaking studio, Chachi draws lines between the geologic forces she’s studied and her work and play — but following her own line hasn’t always been easy. Finding The Line portrays how Chachi navigates life’s challenges, from the aftermath of a traumatic kayaking experience in Ecuador to making the leap to move from Florida to the mountains of Colorado, in a story that highlights the importance of our connections to nature and our duty to preserve the landscapes around us.

Filmmakers: Katie Hake

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