Wading for Change BIPOC Filmmaker’s Grant


The Wading For Change –  BIPOC Filmmaker’s Grant is intended to create more access for filmmakers and photographers of color to share stories that increase representation in nature. 

This grant results from a group of BIPOC filmmakers working on their first film together, Wading for Change, in conjunction with Fat Tire and 5Point Film Festival, and wanting to extend the opportunity to be at the helm of the narratives they would like to tell.

 “As the Wading For Change production team consists of all creatives of color, we know firsthand the barriers to entry and difficulties of working in the creative industry. We want to address those barriers by encouraging other BIPOC creatives and creating opportunities.”

This grant is aimed at emerging filmmakers, defined as filmmakers who have not directed more than 2 distributed short films or who have not been working professionally in filmmaking for more than 3 years. We encourage nontraditional approaches to storytelling that redefine how we showcase people and their connection nature. We support Afrocentric, LGBTQIA+ centered and Indigenous approaches to storytelling, exploration, and celebration of our outside world. We are looking for applications that showcase a diversity of thought and perspective in front of and behind the lens. 

Each applicant will be asked to fill out a grant application with a project proposal that has already been started or is just an idea. Ideas that exemplify feasibility, showcase a well-thought-out story and exhibit unique approaches to storytelling will be prioritized. The winner will receive some mentorship from the Wading For Change Team, 5Point Film Festivals and marketing professionals at Fat Tire. 

The grant winner or winners will be awarded up to $20,000 to support their project. 


Must be a short (up to 30 minutes) documentary film

Applications are now closed. Notifications will be sent by end of June 2023.  

We will award one to two applicants based on financial needs. 



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