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How It Works

Interested in hosting a 5Point On The Road show?
It’s actually quite simple, and we’re committed to helping you make your event a success.
Due to Covid19 restrictions, we are currently offering both in-person and virtual viewing options
so that hosts are able to make the best and safest decision possible for their audience.

We’ll offer you two incredible reels of specially selected films to choose from, the virtual platform
(if you choose a virtual show) as well as marketing and programming support.
You get an amazing way to rally your people and fundraise during this unique time.
The cost for hosting a 5Point show is $1,000 for an in-person show, and $750 for a virtual one.

To get started, fill out the interest form below and we’ll be in touch!

A Great Platform & Marketing Support
The 5Point On The Road virtual option uses the Youtube Premieres platform. This enables your viewers to view the films at the same time, and interact via a chat window in real-time. It also provides each show with a wealth of analytics about the show’s viewers. We also provide marketing resources to help you promote your show. Learn more about Youtube Premieres>

Two Incredible Reel Options.
We’ve created two special reel options for 5Point shows. Both are full of inspiration, adrenaline, emotion and the stories that 5Point has become known for.
See Reel 1 Lineup>
See Reel 2 Lineup>

Raffle Gear.
With the help of our national sponsors, you’ll get over $1,000 worth of outdoor gear for your show to use for giveaways, raffles, or however you like. See a list of items>

Host a 5Point Show
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