Dream Project

2020 Recipients

William Bingaman

William Bingaman, a student in the 11th grade at Roaring fork High School, plans to use his passion for helping people to create a community project based on the idea of developing more positive mental health amongst the student bodies throughout the Roaring Fork School District.

Ruthie Brown

Ruthie Brown is a junior at Roaring Fork High School, who hopes to travel to Brazil where she will work in a local women’s shelter by day and teach self-defense to students in an afterschool program. Her goal is to inspire confidence and determination in those she comes in contact with, particularly women who may be struggling to feel empowered.

Talon Carballeira

In his junior year at Roaring Fork High School, Talon Carballeira is an active community member who wants to give back to the people of Carbondale. Using his skills as a bike mechanic, Talon plans to work with the Way of Compassion Bike Project and Carbondale Homeless Alliance to build bikes and trailers for the local homeless population. Alongside volunteering, Talon also plans to donate any remaining funds after his project is complete to these two organizations.

Cassidy Meyer

Cassidy Meyer is a junior at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School. She is planning on using her Dream Project to travel to and volunteer at a local Spanish language school in rural Nicaragua. The volunteer programs are ongoing community-based projects in education, environmental restoration, and animal and health care. This program will provide a culturally immersive experience while helping the community with projects of their choosing.

Nicole Peirson & Tess Munro

Nicole Peirson and Tess Munro are seniors at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School and applied for their Dream Project jointly. Their goal is to help a community in need, through service in the realm of women's empowerment and education. They plan to travel to Nicaragua to help teach English to children, as well as to experience and learn from the local culture.

Joseph Thompson

Joseph Thompson is a junior at Coal Ridge High School. An up and coming local DJ, his dream is to make his own music at a professional level so that he can pursue a career as a DJ-producer. Joseph will be using his Dream Project to purchase professional music plugins, synths and other tools to facilitate his ability to make great music.

Mike Xie

A junior at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Mike Xie will be returning to his home in Shanghai, where he plans to create a documentary about the fading culture of native people due to urbanization. Using photography and film, Mike wants to capture and preserve the people, food and unique small businesses that make Shanghai special.

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