April 25-28, 2019

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7 – 10 PM

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(Chile, 6 min)
Director: Ben Sturgulewski
Producer: Joaquin Gomez, Tomas Gomez, Dan Benshoff

The Pehuenche people of present-day Chile speak Mapudungun: “the language of the land.” This land, their universe, is known as Wallmapu. Two skiers enter into a breathtaking creation of ancient Araucaria trees, looming volcanoes, and windblown snow.

*Filmmaker Expected


(United States, 22 min)
Director: Kyle von Hoetzendorff, Daniel Pasley , Greg Schmitt
Producer: kyle von Hoetzendorff, Daniel Pasley

Nobody can say with certainty why humans—Subject Athletes—are compelled to push their Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional limits without causation. Until now. Kinda. We made a science documentary to finally answer the question: What’s the deal with endeavors and sports and activities commonly referred to as Type 2 or “Latent Fun™? We interviewed Scientists, Rabbis, Nutritionists, Anthropologists, Jungian Dream Therapists, etc., we experimented on a control group of Subject Athletes while they trained and raced the Dirty Kanza 200, the world’s premier “Sucks Event”. Filmmakers +

*Special Guest Expected


(United States, 10 min)
Colorado Premiere
Director and Producer: Perry Gershkow

Ocean Beach, SF resident Ian “Big Dog” Glover is an example of a person who has found their calling in life and is fulfilling it. The grins on his Big Dog Surf Camp students’ faces as he satirically lectures them about reading their “surfing textbooks” and “maybe getting to surf” is proof of that. From a young age Glover was taught to give a little bit of whatever he had to someone in need. It was a hard lesson for him to learn at first but ultimately shaped how he lives his life today. Follow Glover as he shares his relationship with the ocean, enthusiasm for teaching people to surf and a service project with craftsman Jay Nelson and artist Ian Ross in “Glory Ride,” by Perry Gershkow.

*Filmmaker Expected


(United States, 17 min)
Director: Audrey Buchanan
Producer: Kaylee Cole, Douglas Miles, Dream Hampton, Archana Chattha, Vijay Chattha

In the short film, The Mystery of Now, artist and Apache Skateboards founder, Douglas Miles shares socio-political context around the history that lead to life on the San Carlos Apache reservation, and the personal history of how and why he started a skateboard brand and team of local youth leaders. His advice on cultivating resilience, creativity, and joy, provides guidance in a time that for many feels uncertain, polarizing and divisive in our living rooms and around our dinner tables.

*Special Guests Expected


(United States, 8 min)
Director and Producer: Ryan Peterson

A woman quits her job as a scientist, mid-career, to become a commercial fisherman. Eighth Wonder is a humorous story of her unlikely mentorship within a gang of young party dudes. Set in the world’s biggest, rowdiest salmon fishery – Bristol Bay, Alaska.

*Filmmaker Expected


(United States, 6 min)
Directors: Jake Gigliotti and Kevin Shiramizu

In a city of people trying to catch a break, one lucky man hooks into an unexpected dream that becomes the roll of a lifetime, reminding him to seize each new day as a chance to do what he loves.


(Antarctica, 27 min)
Directors: Taylor Keating and Cedar Wright

A dream team of six elite climbers mount an expedition to one of the world’s last great climbing frontiers: the remote frozen towers of Antarctica. Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker tackle a new route on the 3,600foot Ulvetanna; Savannah Cummins and Anna Pfaff summit the towering Holtanna; and Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright make a harrowing and hilarious blitz of 13 different spires spread across the ice field, including one pitch that Honnold calls “the scariest I have ever led.” Queen Maud Land the name of this icy region showcases a stunning, rarely visited wilderness, and the suffering and vision needed to climb at the bottom of the world.


(United States, 12 min)
Director: Nicholas Waggoner
Producer: Zac Ramras

Mom, dad, three kids, one pig, a dog, two cats, and ten tarantulas: The Braford-Lefebrve family lives to run and runs to live. Without cell phones or any modern worry, the wolf pack roams the mountains around Silverton, CO, raising kids on a healthy diet of wonder and awe, the real-life Captain Fantastic.


(United States, 22 min)
Director: Keenan Desplanques
Producer: Ben Weaver

Music For Free is a musical celebration of wild people and places on the Great Divide from Canada to Mexico. After half a decade of musical tours powered by a bicycle, musician and poet Ben Weaver will ride 2700 self-supported miles from Banff Canada to the US Mexico border carrying his banjo and guitar giving free concerts to the communities along the way. Following the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route on its 20th anniversary year the objective of this journey, was to celebrate the people who have supported this iconic route and its riders while dissecting the question “What is wildness?”

*Filmmaker + Special Guest Ben Weaver

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