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What is a
Community Collab?

We believe that communities are made better when their people pursue adventure and intentionally live their own best story. That’s why the dream team programmers at 5Point have put together a few 5Point shows with the very best programming of the 2019 festival. The intention is to hand our best 5Point films over to leaders like yourselves, and empower you to host your own show and help bring your community together over an evening of impactful and fun adventure films.

Consider this show a collaboration (hense the word CoLLAB) between 5Point Film, your organization and your community. We believe the power of film is magnified when a group experiences meaningful stories together. We laugh, we cry, we cheer, we learn and we explore the world together – and that’s the power of a 5Point Community CoLLAB.

How It Works

Interested in hosting a 5Point Community Collab show? It’s really quite simple, and we’re committed to helping you make your event a success. This year we’ve expanded our selections and are proud to offer you two amazing reels to chose from:

This is the best of the 2019 festival’s adventure films – including climbing, biking, skiing, water sports and running. Learn more!

This is the best of our PG content and best of the 2019 festival’s adventure films including family friendly content and pure adventure. Learn more!

There are three simple steps
to hosting a 5Point Collab:


Step 1

Fill out our interest form below.
It costs $1,000 to host a 5Point Community Collab.

Step 2

Check your inbox for an email with payment links and other details,
then decide if 5Point is a good fit. Inspiration is guaranteed!

Step 3

Pay the one-time license fee and sign the terms and conditions
(these will be in your email), then begin shaping your
show to best fit your community!


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