About 5Point

Mission & Vision

We Believe

that communities are made better when their people pursue adventure and intentionally live their own best story.

and so,our mission is

to ignite personal and communal adventure of all kinds through the experience of sharing meaningful stories.

we envision

a national network of educated, engaged, and multi-generational communities inspired by story to take action in their individual and collective lives.

Our 5Points

5Point Film is built on five guiding principles: respect, commitment, humility, purpose and balance. We believe these same principles also form the foundation for individuals who lead lives of adventure and connect all of us who share an elemental passion to explore and expand our boundaries.



To muster the motivation and conviction necessary to pursue our highest aspirations in the face of adversity.



For each other, for the environment, for the experience and for the knowledge we inherit from those who inspire and teach us.



To overcome fear and give ourselves completely to the challenge at hand while leading a vital existence and never allowing ourselves to become complacent.



To assume the courage and the discipline to listen to our intuition and not our egos, always mindful of our place in the natural order.



To maintain our focus and energy in life, in nature, and on the journeys we undertake while things we cannot control shift around us.

5point Signature Programs

Our festival and other signature programs allow us to distribute impactful stories to a global audience and catalyze the changemakers and storytellers within it.

Carbondale Festival Community Collabs Digital Community Film Fund Dream Project

5Point Film is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and proud member of %1 for the Planet.

1% For The Planet

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