April 25-28, 2019

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(Pakistan, 21 min)
Director: Antoine Girard, Christian Schmidt

In July 2016, the paraglider Antoine Girard set off on a three-week tour to explore the Karakorum mountains in Pakistan—alone. From the town of Skardu, he headed for the highest peaks of the Karakorum mountain range. His hope is that the up winds will carry him and his chute to the summit—and possibly beyond. If he succeeds, he will set a new altitude record in paragliding, but the air is thin between the 8,000-meter peaks, and take-offs and landings are extremely tricky. Especially when you only have one person to rely on—yourself.


(United States, 2 min)
Director: Justin Clifton, Chris Cresci

If you only had 2 min to advocate for Wilderness, what would you say? A Line in the Sand shares the story of our country could look like if we don’t protect it.


(United States, 6 min)
Director: Jess Colquhoun
Producer: Lindsey Hagen

Hailing from New Orleans Louisiana Will Robinson, enlisted in the US Army at age 22. At the time, serving was his life line, a way out of trouble. After 5 years of service in Iraq, Will was discharged with injuries and severe PTSD, deeming him unsuited for service. Upon returning home, Will felt completely isolated and hopeless. That’s when he took up hiking, and began on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. This summer he finished the Appalachian trail, walking a cumulative 3,800 miles on his road to recovery. His goal is to heal and promote healing through hiking for anyone else who’s suffered the effects of emotional and physical trauma.


(Nepal, 13 min)
Director: David Morton, Fitz Cahall
Producer: David Morton and Becca Cahall

As parents, how do we teach our kids that there is a world beyond social media, standardized tests, and soccer practice? In April 2018, athlete David Morton and his seven-year-old son Thorne embarked on a week-long stand-up-paddleboard journey down the Karnali and Bheri Rivers in Western Nepal. “There’s a basic paradox to parenting,” says David. “You have to keep your kids safe, but you have to teach them to take risks and follow curiosity. Life is undeniably richer with a little bit of daring.”

*Filmmaker in attendance 


(United States, 4 min)
Director: Aly Nicklas
Producer: Lee Hart

Blue is a fantastical journey into a young girl’s imagination. Our character is a four-year-old growing up in Valdez, Alaska. Fresh off training wheels, she begins to push her boundaries and explore what’s possible on her bike, her eyes naturally drifting to the mountains. We dive into the world of her fantasy and explore the mountains, glaciers and rivers of Valdez by fat bike with a crew of boundary-pushing female athletes hailing from Alaska and beyond. Blue is a testament to the inherent creativity, innovation and strength forged in women of the north.

*Filmmaker in attendance



(United States, 11 min)
Director: Tyler Wilkinson-Ray, Colin Arisman
Producer: Faith E. Briggs

Since, 1973, the National Brotherhood of Skiers has overcome barriers by bringing soul, smiles and a party to the mountain. Formed during the height of the civil rights movement, the organization is dedicated to creating a welcoming space for people of color on the slopes and supporting black youth in snowsports. Today, the Brotherhood hosts the largest gathering of black skiers in the United States and represents 53 ski clubs in four regions across the country and 3,000 members.

*Filmmaker Expected


(Canada, United States, 11 min)
World Premiere
Director: Joey Schusler, Ben Page, Thomas Woodson

On paper we’d come in search of the biggest ski lines of our lives. The reality was  we had simply come to celebrate friendship. We had come to withdraw into the wild, to remove distractions and cell service and emails, and to invest purposeful time into being together. I guess, that’s the real meaning of a bachelor party.

*Filmmakers Expected


(United States, 6 min)
Directors: Jake Gigliotti and Kevin Shiramizu

In a city of people trying to catch a break, one lucky man hooks into an unexpected dream that becomes the roll of a lifetime, reminding him to seize each new day as a chance to do what he loves.


(United States, 5 min)
Director: Krystle Wright, Toby Pike
Producer: Canon Australia

For the past 20 years, Australian photographer Nick Moir has been chasing weather systems throughout the world. Nick journeys through the famous Tornado Alley that stretches through the American midwest. Tornado Alley  produces catastrophic yet beautiful storms that earn the appropriate nickname, monsters on the plains.


(United States, 6 min)
Director: Michael Covino

A recent breakup fuels two friends during a long slog up a steep hill.


(United States, 6 min)
World Premiere
Director and Producer: Juan Grobler

An inspirational story of a local Carbondale girl whose dream is to become a rancher and cowgirl in what is largely a man’s world. Her trials and tribulations reveal her fight against the odds to make her dream a reality.

*Filmmakers + Special Guests in attendance


(United States, 6 min)
Director: Tahria Sheather

Nature has a rhythm – it just takes tuning into it. Jess Kilroy – musician, climber and conservationist – travels to wilderness areas around the West creating music from the natural sounds she finds there, with the goal of sparking people’s love for these wild lands. The Creek Sessions follows Jess on a sensory journey to create music in Utah’s Indian Creek, wooing us with the splendor of the desert, and reminding us that wild places are worth protecting not simply for their landscapes, but for their soundscapes too.

*Filmmakers + Special Guests in attendance


(United States, 9 min)
World Premiere
Director: Dylan H. Brown
Producer: Sarah Herron

An inspirational short film that follows a young woman with one hand through her journey of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and attending the paraclimbing world championships.

*Filmmakers + Special Guests in attendance


(United States, 8 min)
Director and Producer: Ryan Peterson

A woman quits her job as a scientist, mid-career, to become a commercial fisherman. Eighth Wonder is a humorous story of her unlikely mentorship within a gang of young party dudes. Set in the world’s biggest, rowdiest salmon fishery – Bristol Bay, Alaska.

*Filmmaker in attendance


(United States, 6 min)
Director and Producer: Simon Perkins, Kirk Horton

The first time 97-year-old runner George Etzweiler completed the race up the northeast’s tallest peak, Mount Washington, he was 69 years old. Despite having a pacemaker, the State College, Pennsylvania resident continues to compete in the grueling 7.6-mile race up nearly 4,700 feet of paved road, breaking his own record each year for oldest finisher. In addition to his ancient, lucky, green running shorts, Etzweiler carries something else special with him: The memory of his late wife of 68 years, Mary.

*Filmmaker Expected


(United States, 10 min)
Colorado Premiere
Director and Producer: Perry Gershkow

Ocean Beach, SF resident Ian “Big Dog” Glover is an example of a person who has found their calling in life and is fulfilling it. The grins on his Big Dog Surf Camp students’ faces as he satirically lectures them about reading their “surfing textbooks” and “maybe getting to surf” is proof of that. From a young age Glover was taught to give a little bit of whatever he had to someone in need. It was a hard lesson for him to learn at first but ultimately shaped how he lives his life today. Follow Glover as he shares his relationship with the ocean, enthusiasm for teaching people to surf and a service project with craftsman Jay Nelson and artist Ian Ross in “Glory Ride,” by Perry Gershkow.

*Filmmaker Expected


(Greenland, 17 min)
Director: Andy Maser
Producer: Lindsey Hagen

In Due Time is the story of two men who trekked 105 miles across Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail in less than four days. The film showcases their journey—one that is physically challenging and emotionally eye-opening. As Mike Chambers and Jason Antin make their journey in the cold winter of 2018, they openly explore their thoughts on fatherhood, family and adventure—and how the proper balance between these three is necessary for their happiness.

*Filmmaker + Special Guest Expected


(United States, 1 Hour 24 min)
Director: Pete McBride
Producer: Amanda Pollak, Stephen Ives

Journalists Pete McBride and Kevin Fedarko set out on assignment for National Geographic Magazine to traverse the Grand Canyon by foot. They hope this 750-mile walk will help them better understand one of America’s most revered landscapes and the commercial development poised to alter it forever.

*Filmmaker Expected

JUST A CLIMBER (For Bear’s Ears)

(United States, 4 min)
Director: Greg Cairns
Producer: Luke Mehall

Just A Climber (For Bears Ears) is the result of 20 years of thinking and recreating in Indian Creek, Utah. When the newly enforced protections are threatened by political partisanship Luke Mehall sharpens his tools from his rucksack of poetry, and prepares for the battle to save Bears Ears.


(United States, 5 min)
Director: Steve Jones, Todd Jones, Blake Campbell

Far Out embodies the imagination as much as it does a physical space. It is the quest to seek out undiscovered realms and inspire new waves of creativity, enlightenment, and progression. It is the quest to be blown away. You won’t believe what this 11-year-old can do on skis at Jackson Hole!

*Special Guest Expected


(United States, 11 min)
Director: Ben Knight, Travis Rummel
Producer: Travis Rummel

When Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller moved to the tiny, conservative high desert town of Fruita, Colorado almost twenty years ago, it was not on the map as far as mountain biking was concerned. Jen and Anne have left an incredible imprint on Fruita — at the outset they were on the fringe and a bit ostracized, they’re now at the very heart and soul of the community. Unlike Moab, Fruita isn’t just known for it’s riding – you go there to eat hot pie. Jen and Anne weren’t shy about using their lesbian innuendos to sell pizza, even from the beginning when Fruita wasn’t quite ready for it.

*Filmmakers + Special Guests “The Action Sisters” Expected


(United States, 7 min)
Director: William Desena
Producer: Lindsey Hagen

Growing up in Los Angeles as an African American lesbian in the 1960s, Gevin found that the world wasn’t always forgiving. She started riding dirt bikes at the age of twelve which distanced her even further from the other kids. It was her meditation, her medicine, her way to escape all of the other noise. Gevin Fax, is the oldest member of the women motorcycle collective, The Litas. Now, because of The Litas, she shares her love for the road with thousands of women all over the world.

*Filmmakers + Special Guest Expected


(United States, 25 Minutes)
Director: Todd Jones
Producer: Steve Jones, Drew Holt, Stephen Dyer

Tate McDowell and Brian McDonnell were diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. Unacquainted prior to their diagnosis, they were brought together via passion for the Tetons and their battle to beat cancer. While undergoing treatments, both men were reminded of their passion for the mountains through murals in their treatment facilities. This passion and their shared struggle with cancer brought Tate and Brian to the decision to share in a lifelong goal of climbing the Grand Teton. In the summer of 2017 Tate and Brian will set out to climb the Grand Teton as a symbol of overcoming and persevering through struggle. Both Tate and Brian hope to bring awareness to the prevention of colon cancer through this project.

*Special Guests Expected


(Canada, United States, 13 min)
Director: Colin Scott
Producer: Luke Stevens + Tyler Wilkinson-Ray

Movements is the symphonic saga – in four parts (Rainbow, Steelhead, Musky, Striper) – of three Alaska fishing guides who road trip their way home in a 2003 Dodge Caravan (best known as ‘Van-a White’) from AK to NYC. From an Edenic paradise to a modern-day Gomorrah in a single month – arriving in Time Square on Halloween night – these four MOVEMENTS make our original symphony “Agartha.”

*Filmmakers Expected


(USA, Japan, London, Africa, 16 Minutes)
World Premiere

What happens when a diverse handful of rebels across the globe co-opts a sport that was long the dominion of white, male yuppies? The answer is at the heart of THE MOVEMENT, a rollicking, music-driven story about the new revolutions in running. In recent years, underrepresented communities have been transforming the sport of running into something beyond the realms of fitness and competition. Running today is a lifestyle, an identity, a raised fist, and a force to blast through social constructs. In cities from London to Tokyo, misfits, punks, and others far outside the mainstream athlete mold have been gathering into run crews that take to the streets together–often at night. Trail running is undergoing its own takeover as women lead the charge to run further and freer than ever before. THE MOVEMENT is a high-energy ride carries us through the intersection of running and culture today, with a look toward where it’s going tomorrow.

*Filmmakers + Special Guests Expected


(United States, 22 min)
Director: Keenan Desplanques
Producer: Ben Weaver

Music For Free is a musical celebration of wild people and places on the Great Divide from Canada to Mexico. After half a decade of musical tours powered by a bicycle, musician and poet Ben Weaver will ride 2700 self-supported miles from Banff Canada to the US Mexico border carrying his banjo and guitar giving free concerts to the communities along the way. Following the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route on its 20th anniversary year the objective of this journey, was to celebrate the people who have supported this iconic route and its riders while dissecting the question “What is wildness?”.

*Filmmaker + Special Guest Expected


(Kyrgyzstan, 13 min)
Director: Alex Pritz, Noam Argov
Producer: Noam Argov

Emil is a social media-obsessed entrepreneur in one of the most remote places on earth: an abandoned Soviet mining village in the mountains of eastern Kyrgyzstan. Tracing his roots to the nomadic tribes that once roamed the area, Emil has returned to put his village of Jyrgalan back on the map by convincing wealthy tourists and famous bloggers to go there on vacation.


(United States, 17 min)
Director: Audrey Buchanan
Producer: Kaylee Cole, Douglas Miles, Dream Hampton, Archana Chattha, Vijay Chattha

In the short film, The Mystery of Now, artist and Apache Skateboards founder, Douglas Miles shares socio-political context around the history that lead to life on the San Carlos Apache reservation, and the personal history of how and why he started a skateboard brand and team of local youth leaders. His advice on cultivating resilience, creativity, and joy, provides guidance in a time that for many feels uncertain, polarizing and divisive in our living rooms and around our dinner tables.

*Special Guests Expected


(United States, 3 min)
Director: The Pattiz Brothers, Mathew John
Producer: U.S. Department of the Interior, The National Park Service, The Pattiz Brothers

National parks have captured our hearts. They honor our history and unite us as a nation. They’re the backdrops for some of our happiest moments. They help us discover who we are, and heal our minds, bodies and souls. National parks are our nation’s greatest love story, but over the years, their bridges, roads and visitor centers have become worn and many are now in disrepair. We’re working to #RebuildOurParks to ensure they remain as extraordinary as when we first fell in love with them.


(United States, 8 min)
Director and Producer: Sam Price-Waldman, Ben Mullinkosson, Chris Cresci

Osama and Ayman Abdeldayem are brothers, skateboarders, entrepreneurs, Americans, and Muslims. As they skate through the streets of our nation’s capital, they navigate growing Islamophobia with characteristic style and humor.


(United States, 23 min)
World Premiere
Director: Forest Woodward

For thousands of years, outrigger canoes have diverse cultures and people around the world. (people) of water follows the story of Rob Prechtl, a member of the US Men’s Raft team, as they embark on a journey to learn the craft of outrigger paddling.

*Filmmakers + Special Guests Expected


(United States, 22 min)
Director: Kyle von Hoetzendorff, Daniel Pasley , Greg Schmitt
Producer: kyle von Hoetzendorff, Daniel Pasley

Nobody can say with certainty why humans—Subject Athletes—are compelled to push their Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional limits without causation. Until now. Kinda. We made a science documentary to finally answer the question: What’s the deal with endeavors and sports and activities commonly referred to as Type 2 or “Latent Fun™? We interviewed Scientists, Rabbis, Nutritionists, Anthropologists, Jungian Dream Therapists, etc., we experimented on a control group of Subject Athletes while they trained and raced the Dirty Kanza 200, the world’s premier “Sucks Event”.

*Filmmakers + Special Guest Expected


(Antarctica, 27 min)
Directors: Taylor Keating and Cedar Wright

A dream team of six elite climbers mount an expedition to one of the world’s last great climbing frontiers: the remote frozen towers of Antarctica. Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker tackle a new route on the 3,600foot Ulvetanna; Savannah Cummins and Anna Pfaff summit the towering Holtanna; and Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright make a harrowing and hilarious blitz of 13 different spires spread across the ice field, including one pitch that Honnold calls “the scariest I have ever led.” Queen Maud Land the name of this icy region showcases a stunning, rarely visited wilderness, and the suffering and vision needed to climb at the bottom of the world.


(Mexico, United States, 35 min)
Director: Sophie Danison, Hilary Byrne
Producer: Greg Epstein

Through individual experiences living in tourism-driven mountain communities, The Quiet Force explores social and economic impacts of the Latino immigrant workforce relating to the current national immigration policy.

*Filmmakers Expected


(12 min)
Director: Peter Mortimer, Zachary Barr, Nick Rosen
Producer: Zachary Barr

When climbing was announced as part of the 2020 Olympics, it was a monumental occasion for the sport. Many climbers were shocked to learn that one of three combined events required to compete for a medal in speed climbing. REEL ROCK correspondent, Zachary Barr looks into this little-known and seldom practiced sub-discipline of the sport, and the role it will play in shaping climbing’s future. Barr’s journey from the U.S. to France to South Asia culminates at an international competition in Moscow, where speed demons race up a 15-meter wall in less than six seconds.


(France, 15 min)
Director: Landon Bassett
Producer:  Jon Torres

The average person walks Corsica’s merciless GR20 trail in two weeks. Ultrarunner Rory Bosio is not average. With guest appearances of duct-taped hiking poles, anti-chafe gloves and local pizza, see what the 118 mile trail looks like in 50 hours.

*Special Guest Expected


(United States, 12 min)
Director: Forest Woodward, Anna Callaghan, Marie Sullivan
Producer: Anna Callaghan, Marie Sullivan

Bears Ears National Monument is one of the most talked-about public lands under threat, though the dialogue often glosses over how sacred it is to many Native Americans. In March 2017, a group of tribes put their differences aside and came together to run 800 miles to Bears Ears––and to send a message of unity. The Sacred Strides for Healing Prayer Run wove from tribal homelands across the Southwest to Bears Ears. Meet the people who are participating in the public lands conversation with their feet, and learn about why this land is so important to them.

*Filmmakers Expected



(United States, 4 min)
Director: Dana Saint

Traveling with a baby is an interesting thing. They add all sorts of challenges to any trip . Long flights, strollers, nap schedules, and car seats all seem to pile up and complicate what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation. Sometimes, you may even find yourself wondering…is all this effort worth it for a baby who won’t even remember the trip? All these experiences and memories will eventually disappear, like a fading dream. So is it worth it?

*Filmmaker Expected



(United States, 4 min)
Director: Mike Douglas
Producer: Mike Douglas, Mike Gamble

2018 Olympic Bronze Medalist skier racer, Victor Muffat-Jeandet, faces off against 2x World Drone Racing Champion, Jordan Temkin, in a GS race to see who is the fastest down the mountain.


(United States, 6 Minutes)
Director: Henna Taylor
Producer: Matthew Hood

Experience fear and emotion alongside climber Jenny Abegg as she ascends a route while fighting the self-criticism and doubt from that little voice we all have in the back of our heads.


(United States, 2 min)
Director: Cody Deer

An inspirational, experimental short film about following your passion.


(French Polynesia, 7 min)
Director: John Rodosky
Producer: Christopher Jerard, Mary Anne Potts

Surface follows award-winning photographer Ben Thouard as he works to capture a new perspective of the underwater world. In a photographic niche defined by familiar angles, Ben was driven by his desire to create something original in surf photography. After countless hours he discovered that through the wave photo, but quickly realized it was not a simple matter of arriving at the location and pointing his camera.

*Filmmakers Expected

THIS MOUNTAIN LIFE – Director’s Cut of the Skiing Nun

(Canada, 6 min)
Director: Grant Baldwin
Producer: Jenny Rustemeyer

This Mountain Life is a feature documentary with six stories about people with a passion for the mountains. This a director’s cut about a nun who inhabits a mountain retreat to be closer to God; and to go skiing of course. Shot in cinematic detail, This Mountain Life is a riveting portrait of human passion set high in the peaks of the Coast Range. This excerpt is one of those stories.


(Chile, 6 min)
Director: Ben Sturgulewski
Producer: Joaquin Gomez, Tomas Gomez, Dan Benshoff

The Pehuenche people of present-day Chile speak Mapudungun: “the language of the land.” This land, their universe, is known as Wallmapu. Two skiers enter into a breathtaking creation of ancient Araucaria trees, looming volcanoes, and windblown snow.

*Filmmaker Expected


(United States, 1 Hour 18 min)
Director and Producer: Michael Brown

The Weight of Water is the story of a blind adventurer taking on an absurdly improbable challenge, kayaking the Grand Canyon. He desires the elusive state of being that so many of us seek, to be engaged in the present moment. “It’s so hard to be fully in the moment because there’s so much fear, there’s so much anxiety, it’s like a person looking through a window at an experience rather than being in the experience,” said Erik Weihenmayer.

*Filmmaker + Special Guests

*Community Partner: Challenge Aspen


(United States, 12 min)
Director: Nicholas Waggoner
Producer: Zac Ramras

Mom, dad, three kids, one pig, a dog, two cats, and ten tarantulas: The Braford-Lefebrve family lives to run and runs to live. Without cell phones or any modern worry, the wolf pack roams the mountains around Silverton, CO, raising kids on a healthy diet of wonder and awe, the real-life Captain Fantastic.


(United States, 6 min)
Director: Aubrey Aden-Buie

Mikaya Heart was 52 when she first tried kitesurfing. She saw someone kitesurfing and said to herself, “I’m going to do that.” So she went out a bought a kite a never looked back. Kitesurfing has become an obsession for Heart, now 66, and has helped her to let go of many of her material possessions in order to travel wherever the wind takes her. But it is more than just a sport she loves. Kitesurfing also helped to heal the traumas of her past, and lead to the manifestation of a joy-filled life rather than one of anger.

Kid’s Program


(France, 4 min)
Director: Maxime Moulin, Antoine Frioux, Richard Permin
Producer: PVS COMPANY, Red Bull Media House

Certain days can be really original…they depend on where you live and what you do! Richard Permin’s everyday life for instance is definitely out of the ordinary. In Good Morning, Richard endlessly repeats his morning routine. Right after getting out of bed, he clicks into his skis and rides down the snow-covered rooftops of Avoriaz.


(United States, 8 Minutes)
Director: Henna Taylor Films, Becca Droz, Rawley Gunnels, Music Producer
Producer: Becca Droz, Lizzy VanPatten

Hip Hop Gone Wild is a cutting edge film, merging rap music and the spirit of adventure. Becca Droz is a rock climber and a beatboxer. Her experiences of authentic self-expression, power and vulnerability caused by the personal exposure that happens in freestyle circles mirrors the feelings that occur in the exposure of the vertical world. Becca weaves these concepts through a rap song and in creative collaboration with the community. Hip hop is evolving, so is climbing and so are we.


(Russian Federation, 6 min)
Director: Evgenia Golubeva
Producer: Michael Aldashin, Anastasia Lunkova, Boris Mashkovzev

Sasha struggles at home. Her parents expect her to tidy up her room, eat porridge and do homework. Sasha decides that life in the zoo sounds much more interesting! She heads off to try and find her place among a bunch of penguins or maybe giraffes?


(United States, 16 Minutes)
Director and Producer: RA Beattie, Bryan Gregson

In “NexGen,” filmmaker RA Beattie tells the story of generational bonds and friendships formed through fly fishing. The film is told from the point of view and with the narration of Jack Buccola, a 12-year-old angler from Bend, Oregon, as he experiences living in a fly fisherman’s house, witnesses the impact of fires on his home waters, and explores new waters on a road trip with his father. Throughout the journey, Jack grows to appreciate the steelhead of the Northwest, the native cutthroat trout found on the South Fork of the Snake River and other tributaries, and Jack also realizes the potential for more travel with a tying business.


(Canada, 4 min)
Director and Producer: Lacy Kemp

Shreducation is a playful role reversal between professional mountain bike rider Graham Agassiz and Max McCormac, a kid who looks up to him . Graham is looking for a riding buddy in Kamloops, BC and is able to talk Max into a day at the Bike Ranch bike park.


(France, 6 Minutes)
Director: Mélody Boulissière
Producer: ENSAD

Suffering from consumer’s fever, a young man starts a journey to the end of the world.

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